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Why the Fat Burning Diet is the Best Weight Loss Solution

Most popular diets fail because you end up feeling restricted, starved or fatigued. For example the typical no carb diet is torture on your metabolism; the lack of good carbohydrates causes low energy, a spaced out feeling and even constipation.

Restricted calorie diets are just as bad because starving yourself will signal your body to hang on to every fat cell it can. Lack of calories will actually cause your metabolism to slow down and hold on to fat cells as it is gets ready for what your metabolism thinks is a long term famine.

The problem is simply when you starve the body it's internal thermostat is set so low that no fat cells are burned and everything you eat gets converted to fat. You need to keep the internal thermostat turned up so you are naturally burning fat...round the clock.

If you are eating simple carbs and junk food, your body will convert the sugar and carbs into glucose first and never touch the fat stores. This is how we become fat not realizing how much useless sugar and carbohydrate we consume; some glucose gets burned for energy and the rest is stored as fat. And of course the cycle continues.

So feed your body...the best fat burn diet will include a good mixture of lean proteins, complex carbs, and plenty of good fats. When you eat a high protein diet with the proper fats your body actually opens up the fat stores and converts them into usable energy in the form of glucose to fuel the body. You're body is efficiently burning fat at this point. The fat burn diet effectively releases fat cells for energy, so you lose weight fast.

So why not educate yourself and actually learn how to burn 7 pounds of fat in one week through education and applied diet principles? It's not that difficult. If you're not sure where to start watch this free fat burn video and receive an amazing amount of free information.

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Red Hot Weight Loss Supplement

With so many overweight people in the Western World, you would think that there was something magical about being thin that is only divulged to an elite few. Actually, there is no big dark secret in the fact that carrying excess fat really isn't good for us, not to mention what it does for the way we feel about our body. There is not one single person who actually likes to go around with too many extra pounds, yet the truth is, it is difficult to lose.

Capsiplex is an innovative cutting edge weight loss capsule that is known to burn extra calories and raise your metabolic rate, even without altering your way of living in any way. It was determined throughout a wide range of clinical studies that taking Capsiplex would enable the individual to burn off 278 added calories on a daily basis without any great need to cut caloric intake or exercise any more. However, even outside of its bearing on losing weight, it has long been recognized that Capsicum Extract, the key active compound in Capsiplex, provides a significant number of other benefits to your overall health.

For a good long time it has been proven that Capsicum, the compound in Red Peppers that makes them hot, is actually good for you! Capsicum Extract, also called Capsaicin, is thought to have effects on certain forms of cancer. There are various clinical studies that have been recorded and can be verified which promote the clotting of blood in persons vulnerable to excessive bleeding. However, when talking about weight loss, there are truly remarkable new discoveries that offer a more thorough awareness of exactly how potent an ingredient Capsaicin certainly is.

It might be inconceivable that a measly 278 calories could mean a whole lot when you are bent on losing weight, but consider this. That meager amount of calories is comparable to jogging for twenty minutes, walking at a reasonably moderate rate for one hour and twenty minutes, just one burger, one slice of cheese pizza or a couple of chocolate chip snack cookies.

Capsiplex has been formulated into a weight loss product that was manufactured to inhibit any gastrointestinal irritation or pain in voiding for men and women with a known sensitivity to red peppers. It has proven to be safe and highly effective but it is generally recommended that you talk to your own medical doctor before you take any new products for the very first time.

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Rapid Fat Loss To Reveal Your Inner Six Pack

No matter what the case may be, you do not have to be fat to have too much belly fat. It does not matter what size you wear, you don't have to see the belly fat for it to affect your health and appearance. There are two types of stomach fat: one that you can see and one that lies within the inner lining of the skin.

No need to panic, we need some fat in our bodies. So, having just enough is fine, but too much can cause health problems. Not all is created equal. "It reacts differently in different places," says Carol Shively PhD, professor at Wake Forest School of Medicine. In addition, the reaction is the key to what your fat is doing to you.

People store most of their fat in two ways:

    Just under the skin in the thighs, hips, buttocks, and abdomen. That is subcutaneous (under the skin) fat.
    The deeper fat is around vital organs (heart, lungs, digestive tract, liver, etc.) in the chest, abdomen, and pelvis. That's called "visceral" fat.

Subcutaneous is the fat we can see and visceral is the fat we cannot see.Fat does not just sit idle. It acts like an organ that secretes substances, says Kristen Hairston, MD, who is assistant professor of endocrinology and metabolism at Wake Forest School of Medicine.

Visceral fat provides cushioning around organs, Hairston says, "it dishes out a lot of nasty substances" that can be absorbed by the neighboring organs. For instance, visceral fat cells release inflammatory compounds that can lead to insulin resistance and some cancers. Moreover, increases your risks of high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and cancers of the breast, colon, and endometrium.

The truth about abdominal fat
Everyone has the visceral fat no matter what size you are. When you gain weight, you gain both subcutaneous and visceral. Where you store your fat depends on your genes, and lifestyle (stress, and getting enough sleep), age and sex.

Men under 40 tend to have more visceral fat than women. Women store more of this fat after menopause.

"Everybody is going to have fat in both places, the concern is how much." Hairston tells WebMD.

In an obese person, the fat runs out of places to store and goes for the organs such as, the liver and heart.

Most experts agree that, no matter what your weight, a waistline that is over 35 inches for women and over 40 for a man indicates that you may have unsafe levels of visceral fat. Measure your waist to find out your waistline size.

If you are tired of being overweight or just want to get in better shape here are some effective methods that will help you melt away unwanted tummy fat. There is no one particular food that will help you lose visceral fat, but you will lose all kinds of fat by making important changes in your diet and lifestyle.

A High fiber diet may help. Hairston's research shows that people who eat 10 grams of fiber a day, without making changes to their normal diet, have less visceral fat over time than others. Two small apples, a cup of green peas, and a half-cup of pinto beans, are examples. Avoid fattening foods such as fried, bad carbs and high sugary beverages.

Too much or too little sleep plays a role in the build up of visceral fat. A study published in Sleep tracked adults' visceral fat over five years. People who slept five hours or less, or eight or more hours, per night gained more fat than those who slept between six and seven hours per night. The study does not show that the sleep was the only cause, but it may contribute to the fat build- up.

Stress management can help. Chronic stress you face in personal life and society, such as discrimination. The American Journal of Epidemiology showed that African-American and white women who reported experiences of discrimination had more visceral fat than women who had not had such experiences.

Not necessarily saying the if you are discriminated against you will gain weight, but Shively research focuses on social stress and visceral fat that the body can respond to all types of social stress by storing fat. You cannot control society's behavior, but you can control your reactions to it.

Working it out
Vigorous aerobic exercise has been shown to trim subcutaneous and visceral fat. In addition, it has been proven to prevent the accumulation of deepest fat over the years. In a Duke University study, 30 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity, done four times per week, reduced both types of abdominal fat. Resistance training by its self decreased only subcutaneous fat. The Elliptical, walking, bike riding are also vigorous workouts.

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Fast Weight Loss Diet

Fast weight loss diet plans are often the only way to get into that gorgeous little dress for the big event. So you only have a few days before the big date and your diet hasn´t been going as well as you had hoped and now you need to lose weight fast, then finding a quick fat loss regime may be your only option. So what should you be looking for in a rapid loss diet and how quickly can you lose the weight?

Fast weight loss diet plan guides should include information on both the advantages and the disadvantages of losing weight rapidly. They generally have just one thing in common; they require taking drastic measures in order to achieve drastic results.

Before embarking on any quick weight loss regime, consider your health and make sure that your body is up to the challenge by consulting with your doctor. Cleansing diets are generally the most popular for quick results, but it is important to know that you should never extend a cleansing diet beyond the timeframe suggested by your dietitian. Pushing your body beyond its capabilities can result in serious long term damage and a lowering of your metabolism will result in a slower burning of fat reserves in the future making it even more difficult to lose weight later on.

You need to be aware that any fast weight loss diet plan will result in some fat loss and a lot of water loss, so in order to continue losing weight after your initial rapid loss you will need to find an easy to follow diet that allows you to enjoy your food without having to worry about gaining that weight all over again. After your initial weight loss, there is nothing more demoralising than putting it all back on quicker than you took it off. In some of the more popular cleansing diets, you can expect a loss of up to two pounds per day, but remember that this is mostly water which you will regain without the right follow up system.

Fast weight loss diets plan tips and follow up systems will help you to maintain you quick weight loss and will also help you to keep that weight off and convert it into fat loss over the following weeks. You can turn a quick weight loss plan into a permanent fat loss plan by following just a few simple tips.

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What You Absolutely Must Know About Getting a Flat Stomach

I have a flat tummy!

My Stomach is like a washboard!

How would you like to be able to utter those words truthfully?

How good would it feel to be able to walk along the beach shirtless, in receipt of admiring and envious glances from those with flabby stomachs?

Well, I have some great news for you, it CAN be done, you really can achieve those results.

If you are serious about losing that beer belly, let's waste no more time, this is the start of your journey to fitness.

People are motivated primarily by two things.

They want to avoid pain, and pursue happiness. Having a fat stomach, feeling lazy and lethargic and experiencing back pain and bad posture are all conditions that can lead to depression, alcohol abuse and long term ill health.

Having a flat stomach and feeling great about your levels of fitness means you can experience the joys of having boundless energy, and as a result are far less lucky to succumb to the dangers of tobacco or alcohol addictions and live a longer, healthier and more enjoyable life.

No contest, is there?

But, if you have let your health slip and want to reverse years of neglect, exactly where do you start?

Well, the very first step you must take is to visit a health professional.

A basic check up will provide you with a useful snapshot of your current level of health and give you advance warning of any areas you need to be aware of.

Advising your health professional of your intentions is a vital first step which must not be overlooked. Jumping into an exercise program or diet without taking this step can lead to long term damage.

Having taken this step, the next thing you should do is carefully assess your diet.

Water intake is another vital component of your new fitness program, and you must work towards drinking at least two liters of fresh water each day, and this is important for two reasons.

Drinking fresh water will act as an appetite suppressant and flush out your vital organs such as the kidneys and liver.

OK, now we have you drinking a decent amount of good fluids, let's take a look at your intake of food.

There is no need to suddenly change your diet, better a more gradual move towards a healthier diet.
That said, the sooner you are consuming at least five portions of fruit or vegetables each day, the better.

Now, now matter how good your diet it, SOME form of exercise is essential, but it need not be a chore.
Now, I will share a little gem with you regarding exercise.

People are put off exercising because they think it all has to be done in one go, with a huge effort and if therefore BAD! This is a huge misconception.

Jackie Chan is one of the fittest people on the planet, but even he never passes up a chance a stealing a little bit of exercise here and there.

'Micro-Exercising' is all amount challenging yourself each day to find an opportunity to burn a few more calories.

It can, for example, be a simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Walking to see a friend instead of taking the car. All these actions can add up to a lot of exercise over the week.

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The Only Rapid Fat Loss Diet You Will Ever Need

While it is generally regarded that consistent weight loss of 2-3 pounds per week is the safest and the easiest to sustain, there are a number of reasons why you might want to push the envelope and embark on a rapid fat loss diet. Perhaps you have a class reunion approaching, or your friends surprised you with a trip to Cancun in two weeks. Or maybe, for psychological reasons, you need to see some quick results before you settle into a more conventional nutritional program. Regardless, there are no shortages of "starvation" or "crash" diets, supplements, and a million other items being peddled to people in your position. Let's talk about the problem with traditional starvation diets and then we will go over a rapid fat loss diet which is admittedly difficult, but which will also reveal astonishing results in just a few weeks.

Have you ever tried to lose weight by starving yourself with the "Grapefruit Diet", or the "Cabbage Soup Diet", or any of its myriad clones? If you have, you will probably recognize the problems with these diets. The first week, you will most likely lose a lot of weight. Perhaps even a pound per day. By day 7 you step on the scale and you're down 7 pounds! You tell all your friends about the diet and this is how the fad continues. However, during the second week the weight loss slows down, you are having painful cravings, you feel ill and foggy headed and unable to work. Worst of all, the weight loss has come to a standstill. So, you think to yourself "well ten pounds isn't so bad, I'll just end the diet now", and what do you know? Within a few days you rebound right back to your original weight or perhaps you even picked up a couple more pounds as a "souvenir" from your trip down starvation lane!

Here is an important point, and if you can remember this, you will never fall for another starvation diet again: Your body holds between 5-10 pounds of water underneath the skin. When you go on a starvation diet you are only losing water! The minute you start eating normally the weight will come back, and since your metabolism has likely slowed down from malnutrition, it is very likely you will gain a couple "souvenir" pounds as a reminder of your horrible experience!

When designing the ideal rapid fat loss diet we need to take the above into consideration and take advantage of the millions of dollars of research poured into nutritional science each year. I will warn you: This diet is not easy. But, on the upside, it is easier than gulping cabbage soup all day long and it is the most effective rapid fat loss diet that has been published to this day. Here are some of the advantages of this rapid fat loss diet:

    It includes fiber. This is important for the health of your digestive system and cholesterol. It is woefully lacking from most rapid fat loss diets.
    Sufficient calories. You will be in a caloric deficit, but the total number of calories are double than most "starvation diets" and the results will be much better because they are the right kind of calories.
    Timed carbs. By eliminating carbs you will spare muscle and burn fat quickly. However, if you were to cut carbs out altogether you would quickly plateau. It is important to shake things up regularly, and for this reason you will consume carbs at the right times. After workouts and once per week in the mornings, when insulin response is greatest.
    Healthy fats. The diet includes health fats which help with energy, strengthen immune system, increase oxygen uptake, and so many other benefits we don't have space to list them all.

Here is your shopping list:

    High Quality Protein Powder (Make sure it is isolate, buy a two pound bottle so you aren't stuck with a taste you don't like). If you like fruity flavors than I recommend Syntrax Nectar.
    Shaker bottles. You will find these at a sports supplement store when you purchase the protein powder.
    Milled Flax Seeds. These provide your fiber and some of your EFAs. Purchase these at a local health food store or online.
    Udo's Oil Capsules. This will provide you with the all-important EFAs. Available at any health food store.
    One of the following: Raisins, blueberries, blackberries.
    Grape Juice (Optional, see below)

Take your ideal weight and divide by 30. Round this number down and this is the number of protein shakes you will be drinking throughout the day. Include the flax seeds with each shake and take two of the Udo's capsules with each shake. You will be mixing the powder with water only, and ice if you prefer. You can mix the shakes ahead of time and take them to work with you. It is very important to drink them regularly throughout the day and never go longer than three hours without a shake.

Pick one day per week for your carb meal. On this day, you will substitute a bowl of oatmeal and your chosen fruit for the morning protein shake.

If you work out intensely, you can include one 8oz glass of grape juice after a weights workout three days per week. Otherwise, the weekly oatmeal will be your only carb source.

After following the above rapid fat loss diet, and including the RFB training routine, many people have reported losing up to 30 pounds in 28 days. Of course, we know that some of this is water (5-10 pounds), but since calorie consumption is sufficient you will avoid the negative side effects of starvation diets, and most importantly, your will results will be long lasting.

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Anti-Aging Secrets - Discover How to Naturally Detox Your Body

If you abuse and do not take good care of your body, it will deteriorate and you will appear older than your age and suffer from different illnesses and health issues. Most people accumulate toxins in the body from unhealthy food with chemicals and other harmful preservatives. To feel good, look younger, full of energy and healthier, you have to get rid of these harmful substances and you need to naturally detox your body.

We have a detoxification system in our body, and a healthy body detoxifies itself. But over time this detoxification system fails to perform its job due to overwork with the large amount of toxins in the body. It will be helpful if you could neutralize and naturally detox your body to eliminate these harmful toxins.

Here are some tips to naturally detox your body:

As much as possible do the necessary actions to prevent and limit the entry of toxins in your body. Avoid food and other chemicals responsible in the build up of toxins in your body. Avoid coffee, alcohol, cigarette, processed and refined foods. Regulate your use of personal hygiene products and cleaners with chemicals that can add up toxins in your body. Use organic products to avoid harmful chemicals.

One way to naturally detox your body is through your diet. Eat whole and unprocessed foods like grains, seeds and nuts. Your diet should also include fresh fruits and vegetables. You should also drink plenty of water, about 2 liters of water daily. Water and juice fasting could also help to naturally detox your body.

Proper elimination is also important to naturally detox your body. If you regularly eliminate stools and urine, you can flush out toxins from your body making you feel better and healthier.

Shedding dead skin cells is also helpful in taking out toxins through the skin to naturally detox your body. Use wash cloth or organic scrub to brush your skin in circular motion during shower to remove dead skin.

There are a lot of ways to naturally detox your body, improve your health and regain a youthful energy. Do you want to discover the process of a complete body detox, creating superior health that will bring you energy and youthful vitality? To learn about the simple formula for eliminating toxins permanently from the body to make you healthier and look younger visit 12 Steps To A Complete Body Detox at Anti-Aging Guides.
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